Saturday, 9 May 2009

What have I done?...

Well, nothing too serious anyway, but I have just registered to ride in the Manchester 100 Bike Ride in September. It a 100 mile bike ride and the aim is to try and raise funds for Christies.

I must be mad! Oh well, it now gives me a goal to loose a bit of weight and get a bit fitter. It must be the life changing event of having hit really did hit me hard! It's one of those mile stones that seems so far off in the distance and then suddenly it was here.

Anyway, I blame Phil at Apple for this one, he happened to mention it and I thought, yer I can do I'm thinking 'what have I done'? It's all in a good cause though.

There isn't actually a set amount that I need to raise as you pay an entrance fee and buy a t-shirt as well...but Julie has set up a just giving page for if anyone feels like sponsoring me, it's all in a good cause and would be much appreciated! The link is

Than plan is to stick a little camera on my helmet and film the watch this space for the video later to really, it's what I do!

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