Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Has marketing gone 'viral'?

So how many of you have watched Susan Boyle on YouTube?

Some, 52 million of you have and I must confess to being one of them! It's hard to imagine that one video clip could travel round the world so fast and be viewed by so many people...but what a phenomenal marketing tool!

It seems 'viral' is the way it's going these days. I was down in London the weekend before last to film a runner in the London Marathon. The guy was being sponsored by Jack Links to run for Leonard Cheshire Disability and was sporting a very fetching yellow outfit...a packet of their tasty X-S. My create a short story of the visit to London and the run and to give it an amateurish feel... So where was it destined've got it...YouTube!

Take a look for yourself...

Jack Links - London Marathon from ABC Video Facilities on Vimeo.

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Flower Design Jane said...

I love the spin on making it look amateurish, it's all very clever. Hope you're keeping busy