Thursday, 7 May 2009

Isn't it a small world?

I think we have all used that expression at some time or other when we have bumped into someone that knows someone we know...and it was that thought that caught my interest with the BBC documentary programme Six Degrees of Separation. It was a really fascinating programme about the science of what was thought to be myth but now...maybe...might be true. It's a bit spooky I suppose when you think about it, but I guess the phenomenon may well be a reality.

How many people have found other people they know through a friend of a friend on facebook? I recently got back in touch with a friend who'd I'd lost contact with 8 years ago. I had periodically searched on facebook and friends reunited to no avail and then one day I was registering my details on yet another website when up popped my friends info...mind you after 2 aborted attempts we are still trying to meet up for lunch! Fingers crossed for the 16th May.

Anyway, just thought I'd throw this one into the seemed appropriate after my last post. I guess the question is, have we always had six degrees of separation and we have just become more aware of it due to the web, social networks and bloggers...? I'll let you mull it over.

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ABC Video Blog said...

Well we managed it on the 16th...and it really was great catching up after 8 years! A lot has changed in that time...