Thursday, 14 May 2009

Unusual wedding venues...and blogs

I was reading the BBC blog the other day and a piece on Bletchley Park. It was discussing the effect celebrities can have when they champion good causes. We only have to look at the effect Joanna Lumley has had with the Gurkha's (and all credit it to her...someone needs to!) and how it can really raise the profile of a cause when a celebrity gets involved.

Well, Bletchley Park was hoping for a similar effect with Stephen Fry as they need to raise a ton of money to try and preserve the huts where thousands worked during the war trying to crack codes. I must admit my initial thoughts were 'how on earth do we let places like this get in such a state...we (the country) only seem to react when something is about to fall down..why?' It was interesting to read though, that when Stephen turned up at Bletchley to be given a guided tour there was a 'Twitter' there who immediately Twittered that Stephen Fry was at Bletchley and the place was then inundated with visitors...interesting the power of Twitter and blogs in general.

Any way back to my blog theme...whilst looking at the Bletchley Park website I noticed that they also did weddings. That got me thinking about unusual wedding venues...what are the most unique? I found a site whilst surfing the net that lists many of the venues with civil licences but wondered what peoples experiences where of unique venues.

For us, I guess it has to be Blackpool Tower...although strictly speaking we weren't filming it as a wedding day film. It was actually for the news and we had been commissioned by the PR company that works for Blackpool Tower. I mentioned this in our very first blog back in January. Generally though most people seem to go for the tried and tested venues...the next few weeks sees us at Barton Grange, Farington Lodge and Stanley House to name but a few.

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Flower Design Jane said...

I get so excited about doing weddings at new places, count me in if you get one at Bletchley Park, I'm thinking some seriously clever vintage flowers!!! Love Jane x