Wednesday, 13 January 2010

A Week in the Studio...

This week so far has been spent editing and visiting clients to finalise details for some upcoming projects.

The edits have included a promo for Blackpool Tower (via Keeley Duffy PR) using some of my own footage as well as some footage from their archives. I actually started this project just before Christmas so it was nice to get it finally finished...

I've also edited some footage for Glasgows from an NHS conference that was filmed in London a week or so ago. Another edit was for MTJ Associates for their client Sutcliffe Play. Again this was editing some of their own footage shot on a little hand held camera at an event they exhibited at.

And finally I'm also editing some of my own footage from a wedding I filmed last year at Gibbon Bridge. It was a lovely wedding just a shame that it rained all day...but still the footage is looking good and I must admit one of my favourite wedding edits was from a wedding filmed up at Dunsop Bridge in the middle of August (a few years ago) when it was just torrential rain for the whole of the morning...but the DVD was fab - even if I do say so myself!

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