Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Finding that unique edge over the competition...

When reading any good book or articles on business there is always an emphasis on finding a niche market...well, what about finding a unique way of marketing instead?

I found this article on the LEP (Lancashire Evening Post)website and then tracked it down on the BBC...it's such a simple idea and that is what makes it so briliant. Basically, a primary school has shunned the traditional job advert when trying to attract applicants for the Head Teachers post and come up with a lonely hearts advert instead...

'Lonely hearts ad for school head'

I have to take my hat off to people who can come up with great ideas such as this, the advert not only stands out in the paper where it is printed but it is then picked up by the BBC and other news services...which gives it a whole new dimension of free publicity. It's what every PR agency wants to achieve and the school did it themselves...and then I add to it further by blogging about it!

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