Monday, 26 January 2009

A busy week...

Last week saw Chris out filming on a freelance basis for another video production company. It was a full week of filming for the British Council to produce three short films on helping people to learn English when it is not their first language.
It was quite a complex setup with a full crew on board for the production and involved using actors to play the parts of the two families being featured in the films.
Despite the fact that the days were long and the work was 'hard graft', it was a good week and we are looking forward to seeing the finished productions.

This week sees us at Stanfield Merchant Taylors in Crosby for a day to do some filming and then it's back to the studio to get some editing done, including a short information DVD for Beaverbrooks.

Then the weekend will see us at Debenhams in Preston for the Wedding Fair weekend...maybe we'll see you there.

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